Swan Valley Winery Tours in Perth


We have some special deals with many of the wineries and restaurants in the Swan Valley and we can put together some attractive packages for your group.  There is just so much to see and so much to do in our magnificent Swan Valley. Perth Bus and Coach Charters can assist you in arranging your perfect day out in the Swan Valley or you can supply your own itinerary and we will take you to the places you have booked.

With Perth Bus and Coach Charter you travel in air-conditioned comfort not old uncomfortable busses, don’t ruin your day by being hot and uncomfortable. Your friends will appreciate it and it costs no more to travel in style. 

There are a multitude of places to visit including.

*Wineries    *Breweries     *Chocolate Factories       *Nougat Factory        *Supa Golf

* Laser Corps       *Art Galleries        *Historic Buildings          *Lots of Restaurants 

Contact Chris on 1300 653696 for a great deal.  

Swan Valley Sign

Do not Miss Perth’s Swan Valley Wine Tours!

Touring around the Swan Valley wineries and restaurants is the greatest pleasure you would ever take by joining us at Perth Bus and Coach Charter. Privilege it is for both of us to make trip around Swan Valley, Perth. You are the one willing to indulge in wine, beer and other delicacies, and we are the ones to help you through. Shake hands with us and take the utmost pleasure of green lush vineyard and the heaven of foods.

With Perth Bus and Coach Charter, our clients enjoy the most luxurious yet economical Swan Valley Wine Tours. We have extensive grand packages for groups, engaging in gourmet tours, and winery or brewery tours followed by sunset and progressive dinners. Having tailored packages for each group, we feel proud of our proficiency.

Cruising around diverse wineries, beverages, cheese, chocolates and variety of sumptuous foods is itself a grand treat to one’s five senses. We have a large fleet of mini-buses and coaches for you to choose from. Advance booking can help you be benefited with our golden packages for swan valley wine tours. Besides, you can avail our luxurious wine tour swan valley bus just by giving a call prior to your tour.

Above and beyond, if you are planning to arrange any corporate meeting, hen’s party, winery tours, or your kid’s birthday party, then Swan Valley can turn out to be the most eventful venue for your plans. Contact us to avail either mini-bus or small-to-large coaches on time. Besides, you do not have to pay for guides to help you tour around as our most well-versed chauffeurs are more than just chauffeurs. They nurture an extensive knowledge about the region and guide you throughout your trip.

Joining us is not only financially profitable, we too let you have space and make easy interactions with your group members. We make freestyle plans and try to keep our daily tour groups undersized.